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And Then Comes Marriage

Twice the Temptation...

After years of being a quiet, dutiful wife, the recently widowed Mrs. Miranda Talbot is finally free to do she pleases. As an attractive woman of independent means, Miranda is suddenly turning heads all around town. When she meets the dashing Mr. Castor Worthington, she is swept away by his passion. Is he too good to be true?

...Means Double the Desire!

Little does Miranda know that there is more to Castor than meets the eye. In fact, he's a twin. Castor's brother, Poll, also a confirmed bachelor, takes his romantic pursuits--and rivals--very seriously. When Castor discovers Miranda is being courted by his own twin, his competitive nature takes over. Who will be the one to win Miranda's hand and heart?

The race to say I do is about to begin...

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"Presenting readers with a pair of heroes to die for and a quirky Shakespeare-quoting family, along with a fast pace and snappy dialogue, Bradley is at her best."
— Romantic Times BOOKreviews (read full review!)

"The book is a signature Celeste Bradley novel with her wit and engaging writing style."
— Night Owl Reviews (read full review!)

"Filled with humor, madcap antics, engaging characters, witty repartee, competition, subterfuge, romance and love, this story is one you do not want to miss."
— Romance Junkies (read full review!)

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